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Green Bay Physio three main principles

Here at Green Bay Physio we have three main principles of Treatment and Rehab

  • RESTORE – This involves restoring the body to baseline after an injury, and will involve plenty of hands-on treatment.
  • OPTIMIZE – Our trained physiotherapists will be identifying imbalances, compensations, and poor movement patterns and correcting these to optimize the way your body moves.
  • ENHANCE – We will be giving you exercises and corrective training to improve your mobility, strength, power, agility, and endurance
  • PROGRESS – As your body adjusts to these changes, we will need to keep progressing your rehab to maintain mobility, strength, and dynamic stability.
Damian - Auckland physiotherapist

Damian Goddard

Senior Physiotherapist

Damian studied Physiotherapy at AUT and graduated in 2006, he has been working in Private Practice ever since. He won the ML Roberts Research scholarship award in his final year, and evidence-based physiotherapy has been his focus moving into the Private practise setting.

Damian started Green Bay Physiotherapy in 2016 with the vision of providing Physiotherapy services to the wider Green Bay Community.

He started out as a sole practitioner working with the amazing Doctors and staff at the Green Bay Medical centre. As his reputation grew and the clinic expanded he has relocated a couple of times moving to larger premises at 16 Godley Road, Green Bay. Here he works with his business partner and friend Andrew Newmarch. His goal is to provide excellent physio services to the lovely Green Bay Community, he enjoys working with the students and staff at GBHS, and is working on developing larger relationships with local sports teams and businesses.

Damian specialises is sports injury physio, particularly football and golf, he has a great understanding of these injuries from many years of playing and coaching.

Damian focuses his treatments on an evidence based approach. He tries to get the best results out of his patients by using a thorough movement assessment approach, identifying limiting factors, and creating a progressive rehab program to address these limitations. He has developed a good working relationship with local GPs, Specialists and surgeons and believes that communication between all faculties is required for the best patient outcomes.

Andrew physiotherapist

Andrew Newmarch

Senior Physiotherapist

Graduating from AUT in 2005 working in private practice and spending large amounts of time in high-level athletic environments, from national level sports teams to health and fitness studios. Currently I am also a technical advisor to LES MILLS INTERNATIONAL for their World Class Group Fitness Programs.

I call West Auckland home having spent the last 10 plus in New Lynn with Kimberly and our 2 kids (Oscar & Emmeline).

I am passionate about ensuring that people enjoy the benefits of physical activity and maintain my own personal fitness by playing soccer, running, gym training and chasing a small white ball around 18 holes.

Through my own personal passion for sports and a keen interest in managing sports-related injuries I have adopted a combination of manual therapy and exercise prescription-based approaches to meeting the challenges of acute injures. These cover rehabilitation through to longer-term maintenance and injury prevention.

I try to create a relaxed, enjoyable environment throughout the physiotherapy process and work with my clients so they can achieve or maintain their health and fitness goals and live a full and active life.

Love living in West Auckland

Daniel Campbell physiotherapist

Daniel Campbell Lee

Senior Physiotherapist

Daniel studied physiotherapy in the Royal college of surgeons in Ireland and graduated with a BSc in 2019. During his physiotherapy career he has worked in both private practice and the acute hospital sector. He has gained experience in respiratory, orthopaedic, care of elderly and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. His primary interests lie in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy where he has built the bulk of his experience.

Daniel is a big believer in integrating manual therapy into his treatment and providing a specific home exercise program to his patients. His interest in physiotherapy developed in his teens due to personal experience with injury and the frustrations that come with it. He has a strong motivation to help people resolve their pain and injuries with the use of evidence-based practice.

From Dublin, Daniel has moved to Auckland for a new experience. He has a huge passion for football, but will watch any sport that is on the tv! He likes to provide a relaxed but informative physiotherapy service. He appreciates any recommendations on places to visit in New Zealand!

Sacha MacBain

Sacha MacBain


Sacha studied physiotherapy at AUT and graduated in 2021. She has worked locally in private practice for the past 2 years treating a variety of different musculoskeletal injuries, and has joined us for a new challenge.

Sacha integrates manual therapy and an individually tailored home exercise programme to help her patients get back to their daily activities. She enjoys the variation of conditions and people that come with working in the community. Her passion for physiotherapy lies in her love of helping people and getting them back to what they enjoy doing.

She is looking to expand her knowledge base and see a variety of injuries to keep growing her toolkit. Sacha is looking at taking up Post graduate study next year to sharpen her skills.

Outside of work she enjoys being around friends and family, and going out for walks and Pilates.

Nellie Auckland Acupuncture specialist



Nellie is a trained acupuncturist with more than 7 years of experience providing Acupuncture.  She studied a four-year degree in bachelor health science & Acupuncture at the NZ Chinese Medicine college. She is a member of the NZ registrar of acupuncturists (NZASA) Also a registered ACC Treatment provider. Nellie’s inspiration came through training as a psychologist while in Persia (Iran). She was working as a clinical psychologist at the Tehran Hospital and assisted many to good health but felt she could achieve more in alternative medicine.

Acupuncture has elevated her knowledge to offer more specialised services toward sports injury, anxiety/stress/headache, nerve pain/sciatic, pain relief and other physiological conditions related to injuries, accidents or pre-requisite conditions that require treatment. Nellie aspires to living a holistic lifestyle and spends her spare time with her son and her friends. She enjoys helping people, Nature walks, gym, driving and Reading novels and poetry. She believes in balance and moderation and within her practise as an acupuncturist she is able to apply eastern healing to improve lifestyle that offers patients alternatives to further improve their condition to better, faster recovery.