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Here at Green Bay Physio we offer treatment for both ACC Injuries and Private Physiotherapy sessions

If you have injured yourself and you do not have an ACC claim, your physiotherapist can complete the ACC form you. We will complete the paperwork so you can concentrate on your recovery.

ACC is a compulsory, no fault insurance for everyone who has sustained an injury in New Zealand. Residents of New Zealand who have injured themselves outside the country are also covered for medical costs incurred in New Zealand as a result of that injury. This does not apply to residents who have injured themselves while living outside New Zealand for more than 6 months.

ACC Physio Auckland

Employed New Zealanders pay a compulsory ACC levy to cover injury or accident. If you have had an accident you can claim for treatment and rehabilitation.

For more information about Injury support, entitlements, or getting help with ACC, please visit the ACC website.


Why do we charge surcharges for ACC treatment?

ACC currently only pay a portion of the treatment costs, therefore a surcharge is required to meet the shortfall paid by ACC. The surcharge will vary depending on the experience and expertise of your physiotherapist.

Can I change clinics during my treatment using the same ACC number?

The simple answer is yes. ACC give you a certain number of treatments for an injury, and as long as this is within 12 months from the date of injury, transferring to a different Physio provider should not be an issue. Our staff will call up ACC and find out the exact number of treatments you have left on your claim.

How do I know ACC have accepted my claim?

Following the application to ACC for any medical claim, ACC will send you a text message or a letter advising on whether this claim is accepted or declined. In the rare event a claim is declined you will be required to pay as a private client.

Can I claim my ACC surcharge or Private fees back on my medical insurance?

If your medical insurance policy covers physiotherapy then you can claim back the ACC surcharge payments, and the private fees payments (up to the annual limit specified on your policy). A full receipt will be given that will suffice for insurance purposes. Check your policy, or contact your insurance company to find out what is included in your physiotherapy cover.

Medical insurance generally won’t reimburse the cost of materials, report fees, or failed appointment fees. Check your policy for details.

We're an ACC Registered Physiotherapist

No Doctors referral is necessary