Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is a holistic and humanistic system that views health as a harmonious relationship between a human’s internal condition and external environment. Acupuncture uses needles to stimulate certain points of the body that are associated with energy flow. It has been used to cure illnesses in China for thousands of years and is now becoming increasingly popular in the west. It’s mostly used to reduce body pain but it recently became popular with physiotherapists who use it to treat illnesses and musculoskeletal injuries. It is a technique in which thin needles are inserted into the body to stimulate certain points to alleviate pain, muscle tightness and to help restore normal function to the Musculoskeletal system.

Green Bay Acupuncture Auckland

Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture is used mainly to relieve discomfort associated with a variety of diseases and conditions, including:

  • Sport injury
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches, including tension headaches and migraines
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Tennis/Golf elbow
  • Chronic pain
  • Stress/anxiety and sleep problems
  • To help maintain good health/improve general sense of wellbeing

Why choose Green Bay-Nellie Acupuncture

At our clinic we offer a natural, holistic Acupuncture treatment to assist you to reduce pain and feel your best in health to enjoy the journey of life. The needles we use have been approved by the ministry of health which is government approved and Registered under ACC.


Your Assessment will include:

  • A consultation and discussion about your history, Lifestyle advice
  • Examination and manual treatment and soft/deep tissue therapy ( Acupressure)
  • Acupuncture (Needling)/ Tens therapy
  • Cupping Therapy
  • Moxibustion


ACC Initial/consultation: $40 (1 hr)

ACC Follow up: $40 (30-60min)

Private/non ACC: $80

Nellie Auckland Acupuncture specialist



Nellie is a trained acupuncturist with more than 7 years of experience providing Acupuncture.  She studied a four-year degree in bachelor health science & Acupuncture at the NZ Chinese Medicine college. She is a member of the NZ registrar of acupuncturists (NZASA) Also a registered ACC Treatment provider. Nellie’s inspiration came through training as a psychologist while in Persia (Iran). She was working as a clinical psychologist at the Tehran Hospital and assisted many to good health but felt she could achieve more in alternative medicine.

Acupuncture has elevated her knowledge to offer more specialised services toward sports injury, anxiety/stress/headache, nerve pain/sciatic, pain relief and other physiological conditions related to injuries, accidents or pre-requisite conditions that require treatment. Nellie aspires to living a holistic lifestyle and spends her spare time with her son and her friends. She enjoys helping people, Nature walks, gym, driving and Reading novels and poetry. She believes in balance and moderation and within her practise as an acupuncturist she is able to apply eastern healing to improve lifestyle that offers patients alternatives to further improve their condition to better, faster recovery.