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At GBP (Green Bay Physiotherapy)

We have a depth of knowledge/experience across multiple sporting codes and arenas. We thrive off working with all ages and levels of competition and participation from the elite athlete to the weekend warrior and seeing you return to the field or exercise. At Green Bay Physiotherapy it is a pillar of our philosophy to provide evidence-based assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries via our bespoke, individually tailored approach, but also to provide ongoing support for performance through injury prevention planning, maintenance and recovery processes.

Sports Physio Auckland

Common Sports Injuries we see and Treat include:

  • Acute Muscular strains
  • Joint Injuries
  • Ligament, Tendon, and meniscal pathology
  • Muscular imbalance issues
  • Mobility or ROM restrictions
  • Chronic or ‘wear and tear’ Injuries

At the practice, we apply biomechanical principles to assess/address injury through exercise and sports physiotherapy management principles. Whether you are exercising for general health and well-being or looking to achieve a Personal Best in your competitive field-we can help!

This can involve pre-post injury screen, designing and implementing a strength/rehabilitation and recovery program to address potential issues helping minimise that injury deconditioning re-injury cycle.

The specialised team at Green Bay Physiotherapy believe that an active lifestyle aids in improving and maintaining a good quality of life. We keep active to enjoy all the benefits exercise has to offer. But we too feel that frustration at not being able to exercise or play through injury. So, we will do our absolute best to get you back on the road, field, court, course or in the water as quickly and SAFELY as possible.

On-Site rehab gym

On Site Rehab Gym

At our sports physio clinic, we have all the gym equipment required and knowledge to progress your sporting injury right through the different phases of treatment. Our goal is to get you back playing the sports you enjoy in better shape than before your pre-injury level!

We're an ACC Registered Physiotherapist

No Doctors referral is necessary