Pre & Post Op Rehab / Physio

Pre and Post OP Physio

The latest research is showing that outcome measures and functional tasks are vastly improved by Physiotherapy, both following and before surgery. At GB Physio our physios are highly experienced and trained in dealing with the majority of orthopaedic surgeries including sports injuries and also joint replacements. We have a good relationship with our surgeons and communicate as a multi-disciplinary team to help you achieve your best outcomes and goals.

Green Bay Pre and post Op Physio

Common surgeries we see in our clinic:

  • ACL & meniscal repairs
  • Rotator Cuff and & Labral repairs
  • Fracture Injuries requiring surgical intervention
  • Partial disectomy and spinal fusion surgeries
  • Joint replacement surgeries: Hip, Knee, Shoulder, and Ankle Joint replacements
  • Tendon repair: Rotator cuff, patella , Achilles tendon

Our Treatment will include:

A thorough assessment will be done noting down mobility limitations, compensations, and strength and motor control deficits.

There are 3 main areas that your physiotherapist will address following surgical intervention.

  1. Regain movement and mobility
    After most surgeries you will be immobilised to let the surgical site heal, together with swelling and pain your joint range is limited. This is typically the first thing addressed as you cannot move well until the range has been restored. We achieve this through hands on techniques, and an exercise program.
  2. Regain Strength and Neuromuscular controlĀ 
    Strength and control are progressively regained, we start off with basic exercises within a pain free range and progress these to help you achieve proper movement patterns. The aim is to get your body functioning as well as it can.
  3. Sport/Work Specific Rehab
    Now this is where the fun begins. As you make strides in your rehab process, we will keep progressing you, taking into consideration what your end goals are. This is the final, but most important part of the rehab process. You will start to see light at the end of the tunnel, and get back to doing what you love.

We're an ACC Registered Physiotherapist

No Doctors referral is necessary